NHS Training Overhaul Amidst Highest Budget Deficit

It was reported in May 2016 that the NHS Trusts has overspent its budget by a record £2.45 Billion. This is while many services such and A&E, ambulances and cancer care are missing their performance targets.

Proposed government changes to the system in which nurses are to be trained and receive funding are encountering strong criticism by many groups led by the Royal College of Nursing. The government asserts that they will address the shortage of nurses available and create 10,000 new jobs. We now see that these new plans are made available partially by removing the means tested bursaries for certain nursing students.

The bursaries of £4,500- £5,000 were available to student nurses along with midwives and physiotherapists. In addition, university fees for certain nursing programs will increase with the intention of bringing tuition in line with other students.

The Royal College of Nursing is concerned for the overriding wellbeing of the patients, health and sustainability of nurses and the prospects of recruiting more replacement nurses amongst harsher financial conditions.

All the while, through these changes, patients will still have the right to receive the proper care they are entitled to.

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