Claiming compensation for medical accidents

Medical procedures, however complex or high risk, are undoubtedly daunting prospects. Despite this, we place complete trust in the medical experts responsible for treating us. They are, after all, experienced professionals, trained to provide us with the best possible care. However, there will always be the risk of human error. At Ashfords we see an alarming number of cases involving medical accidents. These include:

  • Failure to remove foreign objects, including medical instruments / equipment, from patients post treatment;
  • Failed sterilisations; and
  • Burn injuries caused by the mishandling of surgical equipment.

Worryingly, failure to remove foreign objects post treatment, whilst classed as "never events", are the most common medical accidents. Never events are largely preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur if the relevant preventative measures have been put in place.

Arguably, all medical accidents should be viewed as never events. The law recognises medical accidents as potential medical negligence on the part of the treating professional. Patients are potentially entitled to compensation provided it can be proved that the level of care fell below that which a responsible body of like professionals would have provided, and that caused injury and / or loss.

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