Kevin McNab acquitted of all doping offences by FEI

Rory Mac Neice has acted for Kevin McNab where, further to Mr McNab's suspension being lifted, the FEI Tribunal has now handed down its final decision, acquitting Kevin of all doping offences and making a No Fault finding against him. This is only the second time that an FEI Tribunal has made such a finding.

Rory Mac Neice commented:

"For the last 10 months Kevin has faced the threat of the destruction of his career; a career that he has worked very hard to build and that has great value to him and those around him. It is difficult to underestimate the effect a doping allegation has on those who are innocent. Kevin is a man of great integrity and what has been most striking about this case is his unwavering support got the need for robust anti-doping procedures in sport. Most people will agree that there should be a robust and consistent approach to anti-doping in sport but care must be taken to ensure that the pendulum does not swing too far the other way - the innocent must also be protected. I would like in future to see the FEI take a strong investigatory role at an early stage following a positive test to ensure that cases where there is no fault, such as Kevin's, can be identified and resolved much more quickly."

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