Cycling safety

According to the Times, the UK continues to have the worst rates in Europe for cycle deaths caused by collisions with buses and lorries. The European Transport Safety Council has recommended that to reduce the casualty rate, EU member states must "try to arrange for cycle traffic and motorised traffic to be physically separated".

There have already been plans by the Transport for London and Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to provide the city with an all new 'bike Crossrail' - a cycling 'superhighway' that will provide cyclists with their own space. However, the Department for Transport is now facing ?545 million of cuts.

Halfords have also called on the Government to create a standalone module within the driving theory test devoted to cycle awareness in order to encourage all drivers to have a better understanding of the rules regarding cycling. The president of the AA is also of the view that cycle awareness should be "an integral part of learning to drive".

It remains to seen whether a cycle 'highway' separating traffic will be created and/or the amending of the theory test will have a reduction on the number of casualties on our roads. It is only hoped however, that cycling safety remains on the forefront of everyone's minds when travelling on Britain's roads.?

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