Chefs have a cracking good time at Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink

This article was first published in the Western Morning News on 28th April 2014. To view the article online, please click here.

The chef recreated the challenge shown weekly on BBC TV foodie show Saturday Kitchen, on which he makes a regular appearance, when guests are challenged to cook a three-egg omelette as quickly as possible.

His rookie omelette makers yesterday included Keith Biggs, of Exeter law firm OTB Eveling, Tim Heal, of Exeter's Ashfords law firm, and Exeter businessman Richard Marsh.

But their efforts just brought him - and them - out into fits of a laughter as few of their omelettes turned out to be a success, with some even turning out far from fully cooked. Others who took part included Samantha Pounds,
of Harry's restaurant, and Dominic Hollingsworth, of law firm Kitsons.

The event was one of many demonstrations at the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink, held at Exeter Castle and Northernhay Gardens with Caines taking over the tables in the ballroom to demonstrate his expertise.

The gastronomic celebration of the Westcountry's finest food and drink was hailed a "great" success after it finished an 11th year in Exeter - bringing in about 16,000 over three days at the weekend.

Ashfords Exeter Festival Of South West Food And Drink

Photo by Western Morning News - Michael Caines hosts an Omelette Challenge with businessmen Keith Biggs (OTB Eveling) and Tim Heal (Ashfords) and (left) Robert Camp (Stephens Scown) and Andrew Maynard (Michelmores).

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