A day in the life of an Ashfords Trainee

  • Departments to date: Professional and Financial Risks, Insolvency and Restructuring and Corporate  

8.30am: Normally I get to the office at 9am, but this morning Ashfords are hosting an event, a breakfast briefing about Cyber Security which I've offered to help at. After welcoming and registering guests, I grab a coffee and start talking to some of the attendees before the seminar starts. Some of the attendees are clients I know well through work and attending other events together, so it's always good to see them again.

9.15am: I get back to my desk to look over my emails, compile my to-do list and review the industry headlines.

9.30am: I head to our weekly fee earner meeting. It’s a good opportunity to hear about other teams' work, our CSR projects, legal news and general updates.

9.45am: After a busy morning I sit down and start work on updating a capitalisation table. One of our venture capital clients is about to receive additional investment, so I need to work out how this will affect the share price. Afterwards, I sit down with the Partner to talk about my updates before he speaks with the client.

12pm: I've volunteered to be a Wellbeing Champion for our London office. It involves developing and implementing different initiatives to ensure Ashfords is an environment people want to work in. Ashfords are very good at supporting a good work/life balance. I head to a meeting to discuss various ideas to introduce to the firm, much of it involving cake(!), but also yoga, pet corner, more socials, mental health awareness activities etc.

12.30pm: I pop out to the gym at lunchtime. Ashfords offer a gym discount and fortunately there are so many near our office. I get back and eat lunch afterwards, people tend to eat in the kitchen's breakout area so I have a quick chat in there before heading to my desk.

1.30pm: I'm involved in an acquisition deal at the moment, so I spend my afternoon reviewing articles of association, various agreements, debentures, drafting the ancillary documents such as letters, board meeting minutes, resolutions etc. and generally familiarising myself with the heads of terms of the deal and structure charts. I'm fairly new to the department so I spend some time researching much of the background to the transactional arrangements as well. I'm meeting with the Solicitor in a couple of days for feedback so I want to leave enough time for her to review my drafts.

5.00pm: I've been asked to draft a convertible loan note, so I print out a precedent to read and begin amending it so I can review it with fresh eyes in the morning before the Partner reviews it.

6.30pm: I check my emails, make sure I've ticked off my to-do list and head out to catch up with a few friends before going home for the evening. 

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