Agile Business Conference

On Thursday 9 October, Stewart James attended the Agile Business Conference ("ABC") in London to present a paper on the legal issues of contracting for projects conducted using Agile methodologies.

This international conference was a full two-day programme of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions, which provided an opportunity to meet and engage with the experts and thought leaders from government, suppliers and product developers who have implemented focused, efficient change programmes in a wide variety of industries.

Stewart gave a presentation titled 'Overcoming the Legal Barrier' which focused on the difficulties of contracting for services in a collaborative environment where software is developed in an iterative process. Particular issues include defining when the requirements have been met, how to control cost and how to bring a degree of certainty to an infinitely flexible process.

Stewart's presentation was well received and he had several people come up to ask for more information about the seminar. He has also been invited to speak at a similar conference in the Czech Republic next March and has a couple of leads to follow as a result, including new contacts in existing clients.

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