Meet the Trainee - Sarah Shrimpton

What were you doing before you joined the firm?

I worked with a large charity, running a service to support destitute people. The work involved a lot of practical assistance and casework which sparked my interest in law. From there, I started my GDL part-time and found myself here today!

Why Ashfords?

I was drawn by the mixture of interesting clients and interesting work. The innovative CSR projects also won me over - I was always going to strike a chord with a firm that keeps bees!

What areas of law have you worked in so far?

My first seat was with Professional and Financial Risks. This was an opportunity to get stuck in with the team and work on a large scale law firm insolvency. My second seat was with Restructuring and Insolvency, a good litigious experience where I found myself really engaged in court proceedings. My third seat was Corporate, where I was working on a wide range of international and domestic deals. My fourth and current seat is with Commercial Property where I am working on developments, licences, leases and all sorts of other land transactions.

Most interesting case you have worked on?

There have been quite a few! We have some fascinating clients, ranging from start-ups to listed companies. I am so often intrigued by their businesses, which makes doing their legal work really interesting. I find tech start-ups particularly interesting as their work is so cutting edge. One case in particular, for an artificial research company comes to mind. We were doing an investment round for them and as the work had an international element and I got to manage the matter through to completion, I really enjoyed it!

 What has been your biggest challenge at Ashfords?

As others have already mentioned, changing seats every six months can be challenging. Each time you start with a new department, you start afresh. It definitely gets easier though as you build experience and apply the transferable skills gained in previous seats.

What is your favourite thing about working at Ashfords?

The people, they are so dynamic and make the firm a strong community. There are also lots of projects, events and opportunities to get involved with.

What is your aspiration?

Aside from qualifying, I hope to become a specialist in an interesting area of law!