Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss sustained at work is a relatively common issue. It can be caused by gradual exposure to loud noises over entire careers, or can be inflicted by a sudden loud noise, such as an explosion.

A specific hearing test can determine whether your deafness was caused by trauma or just normal deterioration as part of the ageing process. Claimants who report hearing loss caused by noise exposure at work may only realise that their symptoms were caused by  their work many years after the incident.

In the days before the stringent health and safety regulations we have today, it was all too easy to dismiss noise exposure at work as 'one of those things'.

However, Noise Induced Hearing Loss ("NIHL") can range from a minor annoyance - having to ask family members to speak up and having the television volume on full, for example - to a major debilitating condition that can affect a person's life. 

This, in part, is why a recent court ruling found that NIHL should in fact be seen, in the eyes of the law, as a disease rather than an injury.

It is important that those who suffer from NIHL are able to recover sufficient compensation for their condition.

The Health and Safety Executive has many guidelines relating to safety procedures for noisy workplaces: to see the full list click here.

If you think that your workplace was (or is) excessively noisy, and that you are not being provided with the necessary equipment to protect your ears from harm, these guidelines will inform you of your employer's responsibilities.

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