Head Injuries

Head injury claims can be one of the most complex claims to deal with and require careful consideration to ensure that the full nature and extent of the injury is understood so that the victim of the accident receives the very best rehabilitation and support, as well as adequate compensation.

Ashfords LLP has experience dealing with diverse types of head injury ranging from severe brain injury to mild concussion.

Brain Injury

Less than 5% of the brain is understood. Diagnosis of a brain injury is often not straightforward and does not always occur in the days or weeks after the accident

What is a brain injury?

You can have a head injury (a cut or a bump) without suffering a brain injury. There are different types of brain injury:

  • Closed or blunt head injury - eg large vessels torn by shearing forces
  • Open or penetrating - eg gun shot wound

How do I know if I have suffered a brain injury?

It may not be obvious!

You may have banged your head in the accident. Maybe you have no memory of the minutes before or for several hours after the accident? Maybe you experience blurred vision, headache or nausea/sickness?

Symptoms of brain injury include:

  • Physical - loss of vision, headaches, tinnitus
  • Cognitive - memory problems, difficulty concentrating on tasks, 
  • Emotional - personality change, depression, more hot tempered, not "yourself", more anxious, low motivation

Often the best person to notice these symptoms is a close family member.

Glasgow Coma Scale Score (GCS)

This is a measure of head injury based upon a patient's reactions and is often carried out by ambulance paramedics as well as at Hospital A&E and during assessment following a suspected head injury admission. 15/15 means fully conscious. If the score is:

  • 8 or less you may have a severe injury
  • 12 or less you may have a moderate injury
  • 13-15 means you may have a mild injury.


Treatment can include CBT or anti-depressants. We can ensure that a victim of brain injury gets support, rehabilitation and care as well as aids and equipment for the home and at work, If you cannot work, we can claim your past and future lost earnings.

There are also support groups who can help:

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