There are many bones within the human skeleton that can become displaced or fractured following a road traffic accident.

The most common fractures that occur are fractures of the collar bone and wrist, as these areas are the most vulnerable when you make contact with the ground or a hard object following a collision. Fractures to the femur, tibia and fibula on the upper and lower aspects of our legs are also more at risk at being fractured.

The level of an award for a fracture will depend upon the extent of the fracture sustained, level of disability, residual symptoms (and whether temporary or permanent) and whether the fracture was closed or displaced.

There is a possibility that victims of fracture injuries are at greater risk of developing osteo-arthritis.

The JC Guidelines 2014 confirm the following guidelines awards:-

Fracture of Clavicle : £4,180 to £9,900

Simple Fracture of a Femur with No Damage to Articular Surfaces : £7,370 to £11,385

Simple Fractures of the tibia or fibula from which a complete recovery has been made : Up to £7,370

The level of award will be influenced by time spent in plaster and the length of the recovery period. 

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