Eye Injuries

Eye injuries occur most commonly during accidents at work, but can also incur following other types of accidents or even after exposure to fumes (including smoke and liquids). Eye injuries will range from minor/short term injuries, such as being struck in the eye causing initial pain and some temporary interference with vision, to severe trauma causing permanent damage, vision loss and blindness.

You should NOT attempt to treat a serious eye injury yourself, but should instead attend A&E for treatment.

The JC Guidelines 2014 confirm the following guideline awards:

Total Blindness : £217,250

  • Loss of Sight in One Eye with Reduced Vision in the Remaining Eye

Where there is serious risk of further deterioration in the remaining eye, going beyond some risk of sympathetic ophthalmia: £77,550 to £145,200

Where there is reduced vision in the remaining eye and/or additional problems such as double vision: £51,700 to £85,800

  • Total Loss of One Eye

The level of the award within the bracket will depend on age and cosmetic effect: £44,330 to £53,020

  • Complete Loss of Sight in One Eye

This award takes account of some risk of sympathetic ophthalmia. The upper end of the bracket is appropriate where there is scarring in the region of the eye which is not sufficiently serious to merit a separate award: £39,820 to £44,330

Cases of serious but incomplete loss of vision in one eye without significant risk of loss or reduction of vision in the remaining eye, or where there is constant double vision: £19,140 to £31,625

Minor but permanent impairment of vision in one or both eyes, including cases where there is some double vision, which may not be constant: £7,370 to £16,940

  • Minor Eye Injuries

In this bracket fall cases of minor injuries, such as being struck in the eye, exposure to fumes including smoke, or being splashed by liquids, causing initial pain and some temporary interference with vision: £3,190 to £7,040

  • Transient Eye Injuries

In these cases the injured person will have recovered completely within a few weeks: £1,782 to £3,190

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