Unfortunately burning and scalding injuries are quite common. Approximately 112,000 people visit Accident and Emergency every year with a burn. Almost 8000 people are admitted to hospital or burn units every year, of which 200 people will die.

Burns can be a very painful injury to suffer. More serious burns and scalds can cause nerve damage, tendon, ligament or muscle damage, permanent scarring, and could even lead to amputation. As well as the physical damages caused by burns there are also the psychological and emotional problems to be taken into consideration, particularly when there is scarring.

Burns can also be caused by the cold, electricity, chemicals, radiation, sunlight, steam and friction. Then there are also the side effects of burns, such as smoke inhalation, shock and distress, and infection. Burn injuries can therefore prove to be some of the more complex and complicated injuries to claim compensation for.

Burn Types

  • First-Degree Burn - First-degree burns are the most common and least serious burn, only affecting the top layer of skin producing pain and redness. 
  • Second-Degree Burn - Second-degree burns affect deeper layers of skin and have a higher risk of infection. They cause the skin to become bright red and blister. People suffering from second-degree burns may also suffer shock due to dehydration.
  • Third-Degree Burn - Third-degree burns are commonly caused by clothing fire, hot water immersion, direct contact with fire or electricity. These burns penetrate all skin layers and are the most severe.. As the nerves will have been destroyed the victim may feel no pain. Third degree burns take a long time to heal and will almost always leave permanent scarring - skin grafts from unaffected areas may be required.

We'll work with medical professionals to establish immediate and ongoing needs to create a comprehensive claim that covers the cost of all current and future treatment and care for all physical and psychological injuries.

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