Anxiety and Depression

It is well known that compensation can be obtained for physical injuries suffered as a result of an accident. However, the psychological impact of an accident can often be overlooked. A psychological injury can occur if you have been exposed to a traumatic event, such as a road accident or an accident at work.

Anxiety and depression are common features after an accident but can be harder to diagnose and treat compared to a physical injury.

You may not immediately experience or recognise the signs and symptoms of a psychological injury. In some cases you may not associate your symptoms with trauma for weeks, months and commonly years.

Symptoms can range from low mood and irritability to flashbacks and nightmares. You may develop a phobia related to the accident - such as a phobia of driving in certain situations.

These symptoms can have a devastating impact on your life, making it impossible to work or cope with everyday aspects of life.

Compensation for this injury varies and will be measured depending on whether there is a long term inability to cope with work and life, or the extent to which daily activities and sleep are affected. Other factors, such as, the success of treatment and the overall prognosis for recovery, are also taken in to account when deciding the level of compensation.

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