Artists and Heirs

We help both established artists and the next generation to avoid unnecessary obstacles involving ownership, liability, insurance and intellectual property for example, arising in your relationships with dealers, galleries, museums and though private or public commissions. We know how to protect your art whether you want to lend it, sell it or get it back.  We can secure a fair deal through commission agreements and artists re-sale rights, exploit and protect your copyright and licensing rights for paintings, sculptures and photography and we regularly help artists to negotiate their commercial space and studios, set up websites and establish limited companies.

How Does The Law Impact Artists?

  • Are you getting a fair deal from the gallery or dealer representing your work?
  • Have you been commissioned to produce work privately or on behalf of a public organisation and need to prepare or negotiate an agreement?
  • Do you know who owns the right to make, distribute and sell images of your art?
  • Are you receiving your artist re-sale rights and do you know what you're entitled to?
  • Have you considered issuing certificates with your work and maintaining a registered database to give owners title and provenance certainty?
  • Should you consider setting up a limited company?
  • Who enforces the copyright to your work after it is sold or licensed?
  • Would you like to borrow back your artwork from the dealer or owner from time to time?
  • What happens if your work of public art needs to be restored or repaired?
  • Who has to pay and who gets paid if your work shows up in an advertisement?
  • Is your art or literary work being copied and exploited without permission?
  • Do you represent an artist's estate and wish to loan or donate a piece to a charity or museum?