Art Dealers, Galleries and Advisers

In an international and increasingly litigious marketplace it is paramount that the expectations of all parties involved in transactions of art and collections are managed and robustly documented to give protection. We defend your interests in any litigation or arbitration proceedings and help resolve disputes in cases of defective title, provenance, authenticity and attribution. We review and amend your terms and conditions of sale, advise on staff and employment issues, health and safety, commercial leases and commercial property acquisitions and disposals.

How Does The Law Impact Dealers, Galleries and Advisers

  • Copyright infringement actions are increasingly being brought against art dealers and galleries.
  • Have you misattributed an item? Is the buyer exploring possible actions against you?
  • Are your terms and conditions of sale keeping up with changes in legislation and enforceable?
  • Are you giving implied warranties as to title, provenance and attribution?
  • Do you want to obtain working capital facilities from a bank secured on your fine art stock?
  • Should you be using Letters of Credit in connection with the sale or purchase art and collectibles?
  • Why should you establish the authenticity and ownership of a work of art or cultural object; how far should you go?
  • Do you need help reviewing and negotiating your art insurance policies or collecting on loss claims;
  • Are you aware that the artist retains an interest in the art work that you're buying?
  • Are you prohibited from exporting your art out of its home country, should you obtain a licence to do so?
  • If you unwittingly purchase or sell on a stolen artwork, do you or your client own it?