Whether you are a publisher, software or website developer, musician, artist, graphic designer, architect, photographer, author, film producer, advertising agency, playwright or you are otherwise involved in the creative industries - we have considerable expertise in helping clients of all sizes secure, exploit and protect their copyright works. We also assist clients in lawfully exploiting the copyright works of third parties.

Relevant Experience
  • Vendor IP due diligence in the multimillion pound sale of an online sports product retailer
  • IP audit for the MBO team of a major UK plastic packaging manufacturer
  • Due diligence on a proposed acquisition of a biometric document printing business
  • Vendor due diligence on the group reconstruction and hive off of an engineering business
  • Vendor due diligence  on the sale of an IP rich software development company
  • Establishing with senior management the relevance of IP to an organisation and its plans
  • Identifying what IP rights a business owns or uses
  • Advising clients as to how they can best identify, capture, protect and exploit their current and future IP rights, in order to build capital value, generate revenue, create new business opportunities and reduce business risk
  • Assisting clients to put in place appropriate internal 'best practice' staff policies and procedures to ensure that inventions and IP rights are identified and captured, owned by the client and not disclosed until they are legally protected
  • Assisting clients to minimise the risk of infringing third party IP rights
  • Conducting 'freedom-to-operate' and clearance searches and producing written opinions
  • Assisting clients in deciding whether to purchase, sell or licence particular IP rights, including investigating and assessing the ownership, strength, weakness and validity of IP portfolios
  • Proving ownership of IP rights
  • Tax issues surrounding the 'Patent Box', IP ownership and research and development
  • Producing IP title reports required for investors, potential purchasers and stock market listings
  • Arranging expert IP valuation advice

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