Food Poisoning

If you are suffering from symptoms of food poisoning you may have a pretty good idea how you contracted it, but there are different types of food poisoning and you can develop symptoms either very quickly or sometimes a week after you were exposed to the bug.

Food poisoning includes:

  • Salmonella (contracted from eating unpasteurised milk, seafood and eggs) 
  • E-coli (a form of bacteria which lives in the intestines), 
  • Campylobacter (contracted from undercooked meat, unpasteurised milk and dirty water)
  • Botulism (contracted from contaminated canned food, undercooked meat)

Often a good way to identify the source of the contamination is when several people in the same family or group of friends or work colleagues fall ill with symptoms at the same time. You can then go back and trace the meals you had in common.

If food poisoning is severe you may need medical intervention such as anti-biotics or rehydration via a drip.

If you are affected by food poisoning you may have a compensation claim.

Keep any evidence you may have such as remnants of the food you eat, the packaging, receipts for where you bought the food or drink etc. If you fell ill on holiday keep in touch with other hotel residents who fell ill at the same time.

See your GP as soon as possible so that they can test for the source of any bacteria in your body. This will help prove your claim.

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