Claims Against Landowners (Tripping and Slipping)

It is common for people to trip or slip in public areas such as roads, pavements, supermarkets, shops or restaurants. The majority of tripping or slipping incidents involve minor injuries such as cuts or bruises. However, people do occasionally sustain sprains, fractures, lacerations, concussions / head injuries or worse.

If you slip or trip in a pothole, on a defective pavement, on ice or mud, or in a pool of liquid and injure yourself, then you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim against the owners and occupiers of the land, who have a duty to inspect, repair and maintain their land to a reasonable standard.

Public Authorities (local councils) can raise a defence to a claim if they can show that they operated a reasonable system of inspection, maintenance and repair. We are skilled in reviewing council policies and scrutinising their records.

Ashfords' Personal Injury Team has extensive experience in all areas of personal injury claims work. If you would like to discuss a potential personal injury claim and the funding options available to you, please contact Gemma Rowe on 01392 334017 for a free, no-obligation chat.

Relevant Experience
  • Mrs M slipped and fell on a wet floor in a shop, hitting her head as she fell. She suffered vertigo as a result of her head injury and severe ligament damage to her ankle, which caused it to be unstable and painful. We arranged private surgery and physiotherapy to aid Mrs M in her recovery. When it was apparent that her symptoms were permanent we also arranged for a care expert to assess what changes were required to her home so that she could live more comfortably and minimise the impact of her injuries on her life.
  • Mrs B slipped and fell on the flooded floor of a bathroom whilst staying in a hotel. She suffered both a severe fracture to her leg and psychiatric injuries which included a phobia of bathrooms. We were able to arrange counselling to help minimise the impact of the phobia. We were also able to arrange physiotherapy in her own home to ensure that she received the correct treatment despite her mobility issues. 
  • Mrs D tripped and fell on a dangerous step in a hotel whilst attending a wedding reception. She suffered a serious wrist and ankle injury that left her with permanent symptoms of pain despite excellent medical care. We were successful in negotiating damages of £19,500 for her injuries and other financial losses.
  • Miss G was walking along a roadway/pathway in order to watch a firework display to which the public was invited when she tripped and fell due to a pothole in the centre of the roadway/pathway. Despite a denial of liability, we were successful in securing compensation against the local authority.
  • Mrs R had exited from the pool at her local gym when her right foot slipped on the tiled floor (due to excess water that had been allowed to accumulate) causing her to dislocate her right ankle and fracture her right tibia. She required several operations. We were successful in negotiating compensation of £100,000.

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