Data Breach & Privacy Claims and Investigations

Data breaches pose significant reputational risk to organisations and the individuals it affects, with the potential to expose sensitive information with an unintended audience or  those who may misuse it.  

Data breaches can happen for a variety of reasons, whether due to inadequate practices, human error or as a result of cybercrime. They can result in data being lost, destroyed, accessed or disclosed in an unauthorised way whether by accident or deliberately by someone inside or outside the organisation.

A data breach can result in both financial loss and/or identity theft, and the result of either of these can be devastating. With enough information, cybercriminals can steal a person’s identity, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access existing bank accounts.

We help organisations that have been affected by a data breach. Supporting with the immediate incident response to minimise the impact of the breach and liaising with the UK’s data protection regulator – The Information Commissioner’s Office where needed. We can also support with any necessary policy or process changes identified to minimise future data breach risks, helping to implement and role these out across an organisations.

We also support individuals who have had their personal information misused without their consent or who believe the data held on them by a particular organisation is not being managed safely. Where appropriate we can support with a civil claims for compensation against the organisation either on an individual basis or as part of a group action. 

If you need urgent support in relation to a data breach you can contact our specialist team on 01392 334010.


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