Approximately 5-6,000 major limb amputations are carried out in England every year.

Most amputations in the UK particularly lower limb amputations are carried out on people who have severely reduced blood circulation in one of their legs or feet as a result of peripheral arterial disease ("PAD") or the complications of diabetes.

Trauma (after a car crash, crush injury or burn) accounts for 57% of upper limb amputations. When a limb has been severely injured in such accidents amputation may be considered if there is little chance of saving the injured body part, or if it is thought that amputation may lead to a quicker recovery and have a better long-term outcome in terms of the activities you will eventually be able to do.

It can take enormous courage and willpower to overcome the trauma of an injury which results in amputation. Whatever the cause and type of amputation suffered, the number one priority for the victim is to focus on a programme of rehabilitation care and treatment to achieve the very best outcome for the future.

An amputation can be a difficult ordeal for you and your loved ones. We are on hand to offer you all the support, information and advice you might need, and to guide you through the process of making a claim for compensation, ensuring that you achieve the best outcome for your future quality of life and financial security after your accident.
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