Meet the Apprentice - Shannon Heals

Shannon Heals - Legal Administrator Apprentice in our Trusts and Estates Team.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?
I spent a year at college doing A-levels and very quickly learnt that I was being taught how to pass exams and not being taught how to work or adapt to adult life. An apprenticeship seemed like an amazing opportunity for me to learn about the subjects I was interested in whilst enabling me to earn a salary. Working at Ashfords has provided me with all the benefits of experiencing what working life is like and gaining qualifications without the University fees.

What advice would you give to someone looking for / applying for an apprenticeship?
I think, most importantly, make sure you are applying for something you are fully interested in. Inevitably, you are entering a full-time job and this can be quite intense, especially if you are coming straight from full-time education. Therefore, it is vital that you research the firm or business you are applying for so that you can be certain that this is the right path for you. Firms who provide apprenticeship schemes intend to progress and invest in you as far as possible, therefore it is essential that you enjoy what you are doing and are interested in developing further.

What do you enjoy most about the apprenticeship at Ashfords?
A cliché, but my team! Coming to Ashfords at the age of 17 was so daunting especially as I had never had any valuable experience in an office environment. My team (and everyone else in the office for that matter) were/are so understanding and welcoming and everyone is happy to help at any opportunity. Because of this, I have been able to progress in my role and I now have my own daily workload. Ashfords really make you feel valued, both within a team and within the firm as a whole.

What are the differences between school life and office life?
The environment in an office is obviously very different to school life for a number of reasons. At Ashfords, you have a responsibility to get work done on time and in the right way. Contrary to school life, you work for real life people in real life situations, therefore your day-to-day work has an impact on this. Personally, I really enjoy this sense of responsibility and independence, the apprenticeship scheme at Ashfords is particularly good at supporting you through this and are there to offer any help when needed.

How did you find settling into office life?
I feel like I adapted a lot quicker than I expected (and it actually is a whole lot less daunting than I initially thought). With regular meetings with my Supervisor, we were quickly able to identify the things I excelled in and things that I could improve on. From this I was able to attend training that we thought would help me to progress. The thing I particularly like about Ashfords (other than the people) is the balance of work-life and social aspects. In the office, there is a gym and a canteen as well as many different events throughout the year, so by no means do you lose the social aspect of being a teen/young adult when entering an apprenticeship.

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