James Dolphin - Paralegal Apprentice in our Commercial Property Team

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?
I wanted to get hands on experience whilst making an income and learning about the law, so a Legal apprenticeship ticked all the boxes. I knew that if I continued to progress down the Legal apprenticeship route, I could become a Lawyer without gaining 30 - 40K of tuition debt.

How does an apprenticeship work at Ashfords?
You work Monday to Friday in your department and spend half a day each week doing your independent study. Ashfords have facilities on site that allow all the apprentices to complete the study time together, which means we can discuss our work and revise for exams.

What are the differences between school life and office life and how did you find settling into office life?
Office life is very different to college life. Settling in was slightly difficult at first as the office environment can seem quite intimidating. However, once I settled in and I developed relationships with my supervisor and other colleagues, I realised that there is nothing intimidating about it.

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