Meet the Apprentice - Callum Elswood

What do you enjoy most about the apprenticeship at Ashfords? / What's great about working at Ashfords?

Socialising with the other apprentices is a big factor. I have made some good friends since joining and have gotten to know many other colleagues across the firm. I also enjoy  the fact I am working and gaining a qualification at the same time. In terms of working for Ashfords , it's a great environment  and offers a huge number of benefits and facilities.

What advice would you give to someone looking for / applying for an apprenticeship?

Choose something that plays to your strengths and that you're passionate about. You have to enjoy what you do otherwise working life would be boring. The other thing is to stick with it! At times it might be tedious but ensure you push through to show perseverance and a  good work ethic. This will go far and will be recognised by many people within the organisation, as well as externally in the future.

What are the differences between school life and office life?

It is a big step up so nerves will more than likely be high but it’s a case of adapting and pushing yourself to make conversation with people. You just need to ask questions and take an interest. There is less structure than school and each day can pan out differently, but the starting time and lunch hour is similar. The work can be more challenging than school, especially when you receive a big influx of emails with lots of people asking for things. But, if there is one piece of advice I can give, don't stress! It isn’t worth it! Stay relaxed and just approach situations with an open mind.

How does an apprenticeship work at Ashfords?

My Business Administration Apprenticeship spans 15 months and consists of a weekly 5 hour study session with the other apprentices where we work through the tasks set by an the external trainer from Ashfords' apprenticeship provider DAMAR. The tasks we are set make up 3 blocks of work and at the end of each block there is a mid-point assessment. This involves a discussion between you, your supervisor and your assessor. Once you have completed all 3 blocks there is a final assessment which consists of a multiple choice exam, a presentation on the work you have done throughout the apprenticeship and a discussion about  the evidence you have provided in your portfolio.

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