British Airways Flight 2276 - Las Vegas, USA

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British Airways Flight 2276 - Las Vegas, USA
8 September 2015
Boeing 777-236ER

On 8 September 2015 a Boeing 777-236ER operated by British Airways was on its takeoff run from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport when the left engine suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in a serious fire. The takeoff was aborted at high speed and all 170 passengers and crew on board were evacuated from the aircraft. As a result of this accident, a number of passengers suffered physical and psychological injuries.

The US National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB") commenced the investigation into this accident and their examinations suggested that the left engine revealed multiple breaches of the engine case in the area around the high pressure compressor. Moreover, examination of the material recovered from the runway found several pieces of the high pressure compressor spool (approximately 7 - 8 inches in length).

On 6 October, a second update released by the NTSB revealed that investigators had disassembled the engine andfound that the high-pressure compressor ("HPC") section of the engine had failed, liberating fragments that breached the engine case and cowling.

As this accident was caused by a fault with an aircraft / engine manufactured in the US and it occurred at a US airport, the passengers who suffered injuries were able to bring product liability cases against the manufacturers in the US state of Illinois.

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