Relevant Experience Agriculture

Purchase of a farm and the refinancing of the home farm

Purchase of a farm and the refinancing of the home farm, advising on matters such as lotting, third party rights, disputed easements, partnership and future development issues, with a capital value of approximately £3m.

Advising a business on the expansion

Advising a business on the expansion of its farm shop hut to a nationally recognised and award-winning “food hub” and retail outlet with on-site butcher, fishmonger, baker, deli, restaurant and retail units. 

Sale and Purchase

  • Dealing with all aspects of the sale of an historic Victorian Country House estate with agricultural land. 

  • Acting for a land owner in the grant of a lease of sporting rights on an Estate with a value of £750,000. 

  • Dealing with the purchase of agricultural land in Somerset with a value of over £2m. 

Purchase of a biomass boiler

Advising a poultry farmer on the purchase of a biomass boiler system under which the technology provider undertakes to design, fund and install the installation attached to poultry sheds (with back-up supply), in order to increase profitability through a reduction in the costs of fuel and feed.

Food & Drink

Advised on the defence of a proposed breach of contract claim by a third party limited company.

The third party company and the food processing company entered into a contract for the supply of various bakery equipment. The third party company sent a Letter Before Action to the food processing company alleging breach of contract by reason of the equipment being defective. Damages were claimed in excess of £400,000. The food processing company denied the equipment was defective. The claim was settled and the food processing company were pleased with the result, with some minor adjustments it could sell the equipment on again for a similar price as before. The Commercial Litigation Team played an active role, investigating the allegations and negotiating a good result for the client.