Patent filing, prosecution and litigation

Filing a patent application isn't only about procedure, it's about applying the right procedure to work in harmony with your business. Sometimes it is better to file following a slow-track procedure. This can keep your competitors guessing, reserving your rights for longer and delaying cost. Sometimes it is better to press ahead to crystallise the strongest possible protection as quickly as possible. Our filing strategy finds the perfect balance of protection, timescales and costs: one that complements your business strategy.

A patent filing does not automatically lead to grant. Your application will be closely scrutinised by an Examiner who is an expert in the field of your endeavour. Patents confer powerful rights and are only to be granted to those that have genuinely made a contribution. Examiners are the gatekeepers, and we know what they want to see to let your application pass to grant. However, we won't capitulate to them needlessly. We'll fight your corner before grant. Prosecution involves contending with Examiners to get you the broadest possible patent right for your business. This is something that we've been doing successfully for years. We'll win for you, because our experience has taught us which battles are winnable.

We'll fight your corner after grant too. We'll oppose and we'll counter opposition. We'll explore the possibility and benefits of avoiding disputes, but zealously step up to the challenge if that is the best or only option for your business. As a full-service law firm, we can implement solutions to resolve disputes outside the sphere of intellectual property too. After all, if you are forced to fight, it is shrewd to have many different lines of attack and defence.

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