Ashfords provides a leading patent service that is tailored to your business and is sensitive to your goals, budgets and strategy. We have the technical foundation to understand the intricate detail of your technology, or that of your competitors, and the commercial expertise to advise you on how best to play to your strengths – and turn threats into opportunities.

How to patent your idea 

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We excel at patent searches, invention harvesting, patent drafting, filing and prosecution. We provide everything that you would expect from a patent firm – and so much more. Patent services are one of the many offerings of our Intellectual Property Team; we help individuals and organisations to make the most of their copyright, designs, trade secrets, trade marks and brands too.

And it doesn’t end there.

Ashfords has a significantly more comprehensive service toolkit than plain IP firms: Inventor rights demand that contractual or employment matters are considered. Start-ups need funding, corporations need financing. IP transactions require due diligence, and robust agreements to be drafted. Disputes need resolving. Risks can be mitigated via IP insurance. Tax breaks may be enjoyed for research, development, and patented activities. Stakeholders need protection as much as innovation.

Your business is unique, and we will pick a multidisciplinary team dedicated to your specific requirements. Our expertise spans many different sectors, and the complementary professional and legal services that we deliver mesh seamlessly with one another. Your business will get what it needs efficiently, without duplication of effort, or gaps in service.

In contrast with niche legal firms, we have a far broader view of the needs of your business, and an enhanced ability to satisfy those needs in a way that adds value, and helps your business thrive.

Engaging our patent services will not only protect your technology; it will empower your whole business.


Most IP firms merely dabble in transactions, as these sit uncomfortably on the periphery of their professional remit. The case is refreshingly different with Ashfords. Our patent services sit within our broader legal expertise, and so contracts, licences, assignments and agreements come naturally to us.

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