COVID-19: Employment and Immigration

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The Employment and Immigration Team at Ashfords continue to advise their clients on the dramatic and complex implications Covid-19 continues to have on the UK workforce.  The team supports both employers and individuals on issues ranging from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and the new concept of "furlough", dealing with discrimination and whistleblowing issues in the context of the current pandemic, employees' rights to pay and benefits, varying terms and conditions of employment, interaction and consultation with Unions, carrying out redundancy processes, lay off provisions and the rights of migrant workers.

Our clients include a wide range of sectors, including public, private and charitable sectors, all of whom have different concerns, priorities and obligations during these unprecedented times. Employment law in the context of Covid-19 is constantly evolving, with new guidance issued each week, which we quickly consolidate and interpret to maintain our up-to-date, pragmatic and sector-specific advice on dealing with this new and emerging legal and commercial landscape.   

We know our employer clients must react quickly to this fast changing and uncertain environment as they are forced to make significant operational decisions about managing the workforce at short notice. Our rapid response  to clients enables those fast, yet significant decisions to be made in the most informed way possible to address the ongoing impact of the pandemic.  Equally we will be here to support and guide clients through the post pandemic economic and commercial landscape as the situation continues to evolve and to support clients in rebuilding their workforce for the long term. 

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