COVID-19: Business Risk and Regulation

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Our Business Risk and Regulation Team advises on crisis management, health and safety, public health incidents, enforcement action and prosecutions/enforcement by the HSE, Public Health England & Wales, Local Authorities and the Police. Team members also have experience with legal issues relating to Product Safety, CE marking, Medical Devices compliance and PPE.

The team has already advised on a range of regulatory challenges posed by COVID-19 including:

  • resolving compliance and social distancing issues in the workplace and negotiations with regulators;
  • decision-making in relation to business closure decisions; and,
  • advising those bringing medical devices and PPE to market to meet the demands of front-line workers.

As the Government’s response to COVID-19 develops, and the phased easing of restrictions takes place, businesses are likely to need to keep up-to-date with an evolving regulatory landscape and to take business-critical decisions with the confidence that they remain compliant and are protecting their employees and the public appropriately. The BRR team can help directly with the decision-making process and can offer support in relation to all aspects of your compliance planning.

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