Social Values

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the communities in which our staff live. In 2018 we established our grant making charity Ashfords Foundation, to bring together all of Ashfords’ charitable giving and build a sense of common purpose among our people.

With larger national charities receiving the vast majority of charitable donations in the UK, the Foundation has been set up to have real impact in the community by focusing on smaller charities that often struggle to raise vital funds. So far, the Foundation has donated over £50,000 since its inception with aspirations to donate over £1m to deserving causes by 2024.

We have a wide variety of options to deliver social value.

Return to work days

We informally host "Return to Work" days for those looking to return to work - either from long term illness, repatriation, parental leave - or those wishing to consider a career change. "Return to Work" is aimed at giving individuals a "real-world" experience of being a part of one of our dynamic teams for the day.

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