The decision to leave the EU has inevitably caused an immediate economic shock around the world but with the decision now made the focus needs to turn to ensuring that businesses are given the best platform to understand the issues and maximise the opportunities that exit can bring. What is the legal impact of the EU vote? For the time being, very little. We expect the UK Government to serve notice to withdraw from the EU at some point in the near future. Prior to any exit, all European legislation will continue to be enforceable in the UK as it is now. The...

Business Regulatory Solutions

Ashfords has partnered with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), to deliver a new and innovative regulatory platform; Business Regulatory Solutions (BRS). BRS is an online platform that will help you to co-ordinate the regulatory advice and resources you use throughout your organisation by providing detailed commercially focused guidance covering:  Product safety  Environment  Fair Trading  Dealing with customers  Health and safety  Fire  Food  Licensing  BRS subscribers can benefit from: Guidance on a number of regulatory areas in one secure and customised place A tailored and co-ordinated package focusing on your specific business requirements, which will help to support you in reducing your risks and working towards compliance Up-to-date content that is being maintained...

Client Extranet

Our Data Room service has been operating for several years and has been steadily enhanced through user feedback. It now forms an integral part of our corporate offering. Most of our corporate deals rely on it and many of our bigger clients use the platform for their everyday document storage, including contract management. The site is https secure, which will provide you with confidence as to its security.  All passwords are unique to individual users and are required to be changed at regular intervals. The site is hosted in an ex-MOD bunker data centre which is ISO 27001 certified. Backup is set for...

Contract Management Services

Built on over 10 years of industry experience, Ruby Datum offers the next generation in online data room and contract management services. Whether you need a data room for a corporate transaction or somewhere to store, track and manage your contracts, Ruby Datum’s focus on the essentials makes our platform faster, sleeker and better value for money. Click here to read more.

Growing your Business

At Ashfords we love working with people who are turning great ideas into the next generation of businesses, and we are privileged to work with some of the most exciting growth businesses in the UK as well as some of the country's leading venture capital funds. Our team can help your business take the next step in its growth, whatever that looks like. Our experts can advise on fundraising (seed, crowdfunding, VC, growth) through to M&A and listings, help you protect your intellectual property and brand, and navigate the quickly evolving regulatory framework concerning data privacy and consumer protection. From speaking to...

In-House Legal

Ashfords In-house Legal is an online community dedicated to supporting in-house solicitors and counsels with access to informative articles on the recent hot topics, a variety of different networking events and a team of experts on-hand to work together with you providing all the support you need. Click here to read more.

Patent Registration Service

Patents are a powerful form of protection for technology and innovation, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of a successful business. To truly unlock their potential, patents need to complement every other aspect of a business. Our patent offering is exceptional because it is provided as part of a wider range of legal and professional services. Click here to read more.

Private Wealth

We provide a range of services for high net worth individuals and their families. We are dedicated to looking after your personal and business interests and helping you safeguard these assets for your family both now and for future generations.

Technology in Retail

Download the full report for Technology in Retails and read our blog for more insight into the shopping landscape of the future, the challenges that retailers and tech suppliers face, and the solutions that will enable them to unlock success. Click here to read more.