Intellectual Property

We specialise in assisting individuals, businesses, charities and public sector bodies in protecting, defending and exploiting their inventions, ideas, designs, creative works, trade marks and brands, both in the UK and overseas, so that they can benefit from their own work and investment.

Our experience covers a very wide range of different industries and sectors.  We are recognised as having particular expertise in international trade mark portfolio management, intellectual property transactional work, technology sector work and intellectual property disputes.    

We provide commercially sound advice, delivering common sense as well as technical expertise. Our approach is straightforward: "Our clients' interests are our interests". This runs through everything we do.


Relevant Work

  • Managing the world-wide trade mark portfolios of two famous fragrance houses. This includes clearing, filing, prosecuting, renewing, defending and enforcing hundreds of trade marks across the globe.
  • Negotiating a world-wide trade mark co-existence agreement between a famous clothing designer and a third party business using a similar trade mark.  
  • Acting for one of the world's leading generic pharmaceutical companies in respect of Court proceedings concerning a contractual dispute relating to a pharmaceutical licensing and supply agreement.
  • Drafting complex IP licensing and supply arrangements for a University, in respect of certain lactic acid bacteria technology.
  • Advising a manufacturer and supplier of foodstuffs as to whether the manufacturing process for a new product line infringes patent rights belonging to a third party and whether such rights are valid.
  • Acting for a client in respect of an overseas intellectual property dispute between the client, an international distributor of the client's products and a world famous sporting team and their world famous marketing agents.

Their advice is of the highest quality

Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession 2015 


Protecting Your Perfume's IP

You launch a new perfume. It's sales outdo all expectations. Then you receive a call from your marketing team. They've come across a rival perfume. It's got a similar (but not identical) name, packaging which mirrors yours and is being advertised as a 'smell-alike' version of your perfume. What can you do? How do you avoid a similar situation for your next perfume?

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Innocent Drinks win "Dude" case

Last week's Court decision in the Innocent smoothies drinks dispute highlights (once again) the importance of clearly stating in contracts with third party designers who owns the IP rights in what they create.

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Need To Know: Protecting your pitch

Ashfords' Chairman Mark Lomas, Head of IP Law and part of Ashfords Technology Sector Group, discusses in TechSPARK, when pitching an idea to potential investors, and business partners what are the best ways to protect your idea.

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Designs and Inventions

We understand how important it is to protect your designs and inventions. Our specialist team can guide you through the process of securing and maintaining protection for your valuable work.

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Intellectual Property Disputes

We specialise in advising clients on enforcing, protecting and defending their intellectual property rights, in whatever form they may take. In particular, we have a significant amount of experience in handling brand and trade mark disputes.

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Intellectual Property Audits

Understanding what intellectual property you use, who owns it, how to protect it, the risks faced by using it and what you can do with it is important to the running any modern business. Our team can help you with this process. Similarly, we can help you to identify and risk assess the intellectual property owned and used by a business that you wish to buy or invest in.

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Our IT lawyers have a strong understanding of the sector and the commercial issues surrounding it. We work with a wide variety of clients to ensure IT projects are properly managed and contractual requirements are reflected. A number of our lawyers have spent much of their careers in the IT sector and so are able to offer pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for any project.

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Eat, Drink, Innovate and Protect

If you operate a business in the food and drink sector, how well do you score when it comes to understanding and protecting your intellectual property (IP) rights?

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Intellectual property infringement: civil procedure isn’t the only option

Far from an uncertain path, the UK criminal courts can be a swift and viable route in some IP cases, say Jeremy Asher, Giles Lane and Jennifer Guild.

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Intellectual Property Agreements and Transactions

We specialise in drafting intellectual property related agreements and advising clients engaged in transactions that involve intellectual property rights.

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Brands and Trade Marks

Our expert Brand Protection Team is here to ensure you make the right choice when choosing, securing, maintaining, exploiting and enforcing your brands and trade marks.

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Data Protection and Privacy

Our Data Protection and Privacy Team work closely with our clients to help them balance their compliance obligations with their commercial objectives.

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Mark Lomas Redux

Chairman and Head of Intellectual Property
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