Our Family Team appreciate that a relationship breakdown is a traumatic event, we treat all issues with sensitivity and provide a tailored service to meet your demands.

Our specialist legal advice and expertise ensure our clients receive a complete and professional service. We have expert divorce solicitors and family lawyers who are praised by clients, legal guides and the media for their outstanding knowledge of family law. A number of the team are members of Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers committed to non-confrontational divorce, separation and other family problems.

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Relevant Work

  • Advising a client in relation to a contact and residence dispute which was complex in nature due to distance, health issues and behaviour allegations. Advising the client in relation to the reliance and enforceability of a previously made arrangement. Issues of competency of adults together with removal of the children from the jurisdiction several weeks each year.
  • Advising a client with a significant investment portfolio, pensions and property within divorce proceedings. Issues of the other party re-directing assets, worth £2 million, away from the matrimonial pot and levels of competence due to a medical condition.
  • Advising a client in relation to a complex financial settlement involving two businesses on multiple sites. Advising the client in relation to the enforceability of a pre-nuptial agreement together with the enforceability of a trust where part of the company shares were held.
  • Acting for the children and advising the Children’s Guardian in a non-accidental injury case involving significant injuries, considerable expert evidence and a seven day fact finding hearing.
  • Drafting and completing a complex pre-nuptial agreement. This was a complex case due to one party living abroad and being a foreign national.
  • Representing four adult siblings in intervening in parents' divorce settlement. Advising and preparing all necessary court documents and representing parties at hearings. 


Pre-nuptial agreements

A Pre-nuptial or Premarital Agreement, commonly abbreviated to pre-nup or pre-nupt, is a written contract created prior to marriage, seeking to regulate the prospective spouses' financial liabilities and responsibilities towards each other in the event of their subsequent divorce or separation. With approximately 45% of marriages ending in divorce, Pre-nuptial Agreements are becoming increasingly popular.

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Supreme Court decision highlights the need to consider financial settlements when separating or divorcing

If you are considering separating or divorcing, it is well worth seeking advice from a Solicitor now as to how best to divide your finances and how to secure your position for the future.

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