Family and Children

Our Family Team appreciate that a relationship breakdown is a traumatic event, they treat all issues with sensitivity and provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

Divorce and Separation

Our Family Law Team aims to make the process of separation or divorce as smooth as possible. We have considerable experience in helping you come to terms with separation or divorce, resolving financial issues, and issues over children and finances. Our lawyers will guide you through the separation process, advising you on your options and arrangements, or represent you through the divorce procedure. The main aim is ensure that our clients feel comfortable with and fully understand each of the systems and approaches, making this difficult time, a little simpler.

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Disputes if you're unmarried

We understand that unmarried partners experience the same issues as married couples through separation. As unmarried partners do not have the same support in law as married couples, processes can often become difficult to understand. Our team aims to make these processes more straightforward, assisting couples that have assets to divide or children to make arrangements for.

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Civil Partnerships

Our lawyers are here to make the process of separation as smooth as possible. Since the Civil Partnership Act came into force in 2005, two people of the same sex are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. We are here to ensure that the mechanics of dissolution and related financial issues is sorted with as little stress as possible.

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Disputes involving children

We understand that disputes involving children issues must be handled with the greatest understanding and flexibility. We aim to help you to resolve these difficult problems, and understand your options throughout the process. Our team has particular expertise on ‘care’ and assist local authorities and children and parents in these matters.

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