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Ashfords' Equity Release Department specialises in advising clients on the legal implications of lifetime mortgages and reversion plans, including lifetime interest only mortgages, hybrid lifetime interest only/compound mortgages and conventional lifetime mortgages.

Our award winning team offer specialist advice, working in conjunction with your financial adviser, providing a professional, efficient and friendly service. We are able to provide face-to-face advice at all of our offices as well as a National Service for those clients unable to visit the offices.

Ashfords has been inaugural members of the Equity Release Council and take a prominent role in the Consumer Protection Working Group, the Adviser Board and the Long-term Care Working Group of the Equity Release Council. Ashfords is one of the co-founders of the Equity Release Solicitors Alliance, an alliance of specialist equity release solicitors who adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Ashfords' Equity Release Department offers a wealth of experience and has been specialising in equity release for over 17 years and is at the forefront of the sector. Being part of a full service law firm benefits the Equity Release Department who are assisted in the smooth completion of cases by other departments as and when needed, such as the Trusts & Estates Department, Matrimonial Department and many others.

Within our Equity Release Department we have specialists in Equity Release conveyancing who are able to assist in buying and selling using equity release to finance the move or who are transferring an existing scheme to a different property. This process is a complicated one due to the involvement of the equity release lender but our specialists are experienced in this area and are able to adeptly deal with any issues that may arise.

We are also able to extend your lease, be it through the informal process or statutory process in conjunction with your equity release as well as dealing with the purchase of your freehold.

We sponsored and supported the Great Retirement Money Debate 2016. To watch the short video click here.

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  • Advising clients on the legal implications of lifetime mortgages and reversion plans and the associated work.
  • Buying and selling residential properties using equity release and the transfer of an existing equity release plan to a new property.
  • Extending your lease/buying your freehold with equity release

Thank you Peter and your team for handling all the legal aspects of my equity release case. At first, I envisaged it would be a long drawn out process but it wasn't at all, it only took 6 weeks in total (including Christmas and New Year). I was impressed with the efficiency of all parties involved and delighted to be paying off my debts after 7 years of struggling.

Ms Helen Kennedy


Brexit - The impact on the Retirement Sector

The Equity Release market has been a rapidly growing market in England with record amounts released last year (£1.6 billion) and a record number of 22,500 taking out an equity release scheme in 2015.

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Deceased Joint Proprietor

On inspecting the title deeds to a property following instructions to act for a client in obtaining an Equity Release over the property, it sometimes comes to light that the property is held in the name of the client and a deceased proprietor.

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To extend or not?

I have touched on leasehold properties on several occasions in my newsletter, and this is a constantly developing area within the equity release legal arena. It is becoming increasingly common for lenders' Solicitors to not insist on a lease extension, which is (generally) good news for clients but of course difficult for both us and you to advise on prior to an offer being issued (and it is difficult to factor in costs and the amount needed to borrow).

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Extending your lease - the real cost...

The regular readers of my newsletter will recollect my welcoming and heralding the arrival of my new team member, Darren Heard, who spends his days with me extending leases/purchasing freeholds (indeed, some of you may have spoken with him or e-mailed him).

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Equity Release - watch out for the fraud trap

I joined the ERC Consumer Protection Working Group (back then known as the anti-fraud working group) on its inception, thinking it would be a largely quiet committee. How wrong I was.

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Interest-only mortgages and equity release

Ashfords' Peter Barton, a Partner in the firm and Head of our Equity Release Team discusses interest-only mortgages and equity release.

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What is equity release?

Ashfords' Peter Barton, a Partner in the firm and Head of our Equity Release Team discusses equity release.

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Releasing equity for care

Over the last 10 years, and in particular the last few years, Ashfords LLP has seen a change in attitudes by their clients and their families towards care and whether or not they go into the conventional residential care facility or indeed, if they decide to pay for care in their own home.

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Adviser leasehold checklist

As the Equity Release market develops you would rightly expect processes to become more streamlined and requirements simpler; however, we all saw the impact of MMR on interest only lifetime mortgages and know that this is not always the case.

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Occupiers Forms - an update

Peter Barton, partner and Head of our Equity Release Team, discusses occupiers forms. Peter covers lenders that do and don't require them, as well as pitfalls to watch out for.

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Trust Issues

Frequently we deal with Equity Release matters where on inspection of the title it becomes apparent that the client is not the only legal or beneficial owner of the property. The process becomes delayed as we seek to establish whether it is possible for the position to be rectified.

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Joint borrowers - What needs to be considered as part/as well as the Equity Release?

It is a regular occurrence to receive a joint application for equity release only to find that the deeds are in the sole name of one borrower (admittedly, it is readily accepted that the equity release can generally only proceed if the deeds are in joint names in the scenario of joint occupation - unless, of course, the partner/spouse does not qualify). So, when adding a borrower on to the deeds what needs to be considered?

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Early sight of the deeds = a smoother road to completion?

The client has signed the application, the surveyor has inspected, the value comes in on target, the offer is on the way… and then the case stalls with legal issues that, had you known about earlier, could have been dealt with weeks ago or may even have meant that the clients would have not proceeded.So what is the solution?

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Ashfords Conveyancing Team win top award yet again

Ashfords' multi-award-winning conveyancing team has gained further recognition for the quality of its service at the 2013 Equity Release Awards, which took place at Merchants Taylors’ Hall in London on Tuesday, 26 November.

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