Disputes and Litigation

Our Disputes and Litigation Team is recognised for its expertise, depth of resources and practical commercial approach, and can help you find the most effective resolution to your dispute or issue. As well as Court proceedings, we are actively involved in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and have considerable experience of mediation.


We aim to provide you with the most efficient solutions, tailored to your needs. Our ADR accredited team is experienced in bringing disputes of various kinds to settlement before court hearings, saving you time and expense. We are able to offer mediation rooms and facilities at all of our offices.

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Points for Potential Claimants

The greatest potential benefit in taking your opponent to court is of course if you win at trial or achieve a satisfactory settlement. However, win or lose, there are various factors that you should consider carefully before commencing Court proceedings.

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Points for Potential Defendants

The greatest potential benefit in defending a claim is of course if you are successful at trial or achieve a satisfactory settlement.

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Will, Trusts and Estate Disputes

The Ashfords' Will, Trust and Estate Disputes Team specialises in contentious probate claims and works closely with our highly regarded Wills, Trusts and Estates Department.

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Guide to Unfair Prejudice Against Shareholders

This Guide explains Unfair Prejudice and Shareholder Disputes under English Law in general terms. The intention of the Guide is not, however, to advise you on whether or not to petition for unfair prejudice (which will depend on the facts of your case). The subject of unfair prejudice is a complex area and no guide can ever set out all the factors relating to a particular case. This Guide is not therefore a substitute for detailed advice on your case. If you would like further explanation of any points in this guide, please contact us.

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Intellectual Property Disputes

We specialise in advising clients on enforcing, protecting and defending their intellectual property rights, in whatever form they may take. In particular, we have a significant amount of experience in handling brand and trade mark disputes.

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Client Information Guide to Part 36 Offers

The Court rules relating to Part 36 Offers have changed with effect from 1 April 2013, as part of the recommendations made by Lord Justice Jackson. This Guide takes into account those changes.

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Can duties of fair dealing and good faith be implied into commercial contracts?

In the recent case of Yam Seng PTE Ltd v International Trade Corporation Limited [2013] EWHC 111 (QBD) it was decided that a duty of good faith could be implied in some, but not all, commercial contracts on the basis of the presumed intentions of the parties and the relevant background against which the contract was made.

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For litigation to be worthwhile it has to be cost effective to the business. There is a need to be as certain as possible in an outcome, and that can be difficult when you consider the inherent unpredictability of litigation in general. That's where experience can pay dividends.

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