Ashfords' Crime Team have considerable expertise in representing clients charged with a wide range of offences before the Magistrates' and Crown Courts.

Headed by Criminal Solicitor and fraud specialist Jeremy Asher, the team has gained an increasingly high profile and reputation in the area of fraud, being ranked amongst the best in the region.

We offer a bespoke service and dedicate the same amount of attention to detail and care to all our cases, regardless of how seriously they are perceived, because we understand that the ramifications of any conviction can be life changing. We regularly deal with cases of the utmost complexity including those involving fatalities, serious reputational issues, potential loss of liberty, serious financial repercussions and disqualification from driving. Our work covers a plethora of offences, anything from violence or dishonesty through to drugs or internet offences.

Although based in Exeter, our team covers cases all over the country, including London. We believe that there are few other criminal solicitors with a wider breadth of experience in criminal law than our team. But it's not just having experience that is important - it's how you put it to use that matters.


Recent Experience

  • Persuaded the CPS to offer no evidence against a doctor charged with defrauding the NHS.
  • Persuaded the CPS to offer no evidence against an Accountant charged with defrauding a client of £4.1 million.
  • Successful defence of a company director charged with £6 million fraud.
  • Persuaded the CPS to offer no evidence against a lorry driver charged with importing £1.8 million worth of cannabis.
  • Not guilty verdict in a death by careless driving case.
  • Not guilty verdict for a Solicitor charged with assault.

Head of Ashfords LLP's crime department Jeremy Asher comes highly recommended by clients, who highlight his "attention to detail" and concern for the client. Handling advocacy himself, his criminal practice covers a broad range of crime and regulatory matters.

Chambers & Partners 2013


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