Ashfords in numbers

Ashfords is a national provider of legal and professional services with 76 partners and over 500 staff across 6 offices. 

In the financial period ending 30th April 2015, Ashfords reported an operating profit of £11.8m (an increase of 9% on prior year) on a turnover of £35.4m (an increase of 11% on prior year). Adjusted for other operating income, net interest receivable, and interest payable, the profit for the period before member's remuneration and profit share was £12.1m (an increase of 8% over prior year).

"The excellent financial results for 2015 follow on from the strong financial performance of the prior year. In the last 3 years Ashfords has moved from a £24.1m turnover business to one 47% larger at £35.4m. Organic growth brought about by focus on key elements of our strategy and customer service plus a targeted acquisition have yielded excellent growth and profitability improvements."

Phil Strange, Chief Financial Officer

A full copy of the audited Financial Statements for the period ended 30 April 2015 is available to download.  


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